The Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs” is another upcoming OG colorway that we haven’t seen since 2004. Now Scheduled to make a return in April, sneakerheads have been waiting for the day this memorable colorway returns. Rest assure that this OG colorway will be an instant sell out much like the recent retro’s so if you’re having doubt’s on behalf of copping in April, you can always cop these OG babies Early.

Buy Air Jordan 12 Rero “Playoffs” Here










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  1. Lookin good. Can't wait to get these in my possesion. Hope they not wack like them cement 4's them joints is generic as hell, thats why Im returning em.

  2. amen! those 4s were cheap as shit! omg! smh terrible quality but for the 15-20yr old wannabe sneakerheads their loving it cause they have nothing to compare em too..lmao sad..they think there really getting good stuff…after i seen the quality of the 4s please believe im out! air maxs 90s here i come!

  3. dont understand why people bitch about the quality…theres nothing you can do about it either suck it up or dont buy them but stop bitching….i got them because i havent had them since i was a kid and love the memories of having them

    @PilotCloud9 because young sneakerheads are usually uneducated and are only buying them because they want to be cool….what happen to smoking to fit in, atleast the dumbasses after a while died off.

    but anywayz i will be getting these because are one of my favorite cw's of the 12's


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