Ray Allen’s run with the Seattle Super Sonics lead to many accomplishments  including his infamous 54 pt score against the Utah Jazz in a 122–114 overtime game. Around the time he played for Seattle, he also wore some of the greatest PE’s to ever be worn by a player. The Ray Allen PE collection consisted of the Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 13 and lot’s of other retro’s that beared the Seattle Sonics team colors. The Air Jordan 12 Ray Allen PE has found it’s way on Ebay, and it’s up for grabs Buy them Here

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    • Even tho Yellow was part of the Sonics colors and they even had All Yellow Jersey’s your right! They do look like they’re for Gary Payton on the Lakers, Or could’ve just been Gary when he was on the Supersonics…OR give it to Reggie Miller when he was with the Pacers!! Basically I’m saying shut up there’s more then one team with yellow and you sound stupid right now.

      • Funny you can only talk like that online. Sit at your laptop and feel like a gangster. Talk like that to someone’s face and you may have to learn to type with your toes. Keep talking that talk internet gangster.


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