NOTE: The Air Jordan 13 pictured is not the one releasing next year.

The Air Jordan 13 came back in 2010 with original classics like the ‘French Blue’ , and a remake of the ‘Altitude’ colorway – that originally released in the mid 2000’s. After a two year period without the AJ 13, aside from the Ray Allen PE, the 13th retro will be returning February 2013 – in the classic ‘Bred’ colorway. Despite the rumors in the previous year, rest assure that this retro will certainly be returning along with a few other Air Jordan 13 colorways. Stay tuned with Modern Notoriety for more news on the Air Jordan retro line for 2013.


  1. OH MY WORD! ,,,, I mean its sad that jordan brand has to live off retroing the shoes 1-14 over and over and over. But good thing is people who never had can get them finally without paying an arm, leg and one ear for these. Everyone will have every jordan soon enough

  2. Are you guys trying to create hype? Could of waited for this news. Oh well, pretty happy about these coming back.

  3. holla…now make sure it is the mesh and not leather and we are str8! i would love 3m but i know that aint happening!

  4. people begging for 3M HA HA HA HA HA…if they didnt put 3M on the flints or leather uppers on the altitudes….what the hell makes you think they will all of a sudden have a light bulb go off and use 3M???? you’re going to get crap and like it!! thank god i still got my 2004s and i just unDS’d them a month ago…still fresh….the new ones will have a shorter and thinner tongue and no 3M to go along with crap PLEATHER! no thanks, i havent bought a pair of retros since the bordeauxs dropped if you get over on me once shame on you….id be a damn fool to keep letting you get over on me…switch to other nikes and sticking to new balances.


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