Air Jordan 14 Last Shot 2011

Along with the Midnight Navy Air Jordan 14, will be the Air Jordan 14 ‘Last Shot’ that will release in December. The ‘Last Shot’ 14 features ‘ribbed’ leather side panels, suede toe box and a few other features that resemble the original release. This particular 14 is very important in the Jordan series as it was the last Jordan shoe, Michael Jordan wore as a Chicago Bull after they won the 1998 NBA Championship against the Utah Jazz. Stick with Modern Notoriety for detailed images coming this week.

Air Jordan 14 Last Shot 2011

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” Holiday 2011

December 2011.

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  1. what makes i shit? first of all the leather is pretty much premium and the seude is right,

    second, its the same material as the 05 release

    and third of all, you just tryna start that " oh the quality is bad" trend…

  2. lmao!! premium pleather, look at that suede man u kidding me!! smh, i aint trying to start no trend, jb started that on their own

  3. @oathlok

    good luck getting jordans with real leather, for anything less than a car payment and as far as the suede goes…yall know what to expect by now lol. i hate it too but its just what we gotta put up with. its the way the world is now man, every single product you can think of, including things as simple as sugar, are being made like shit on the cheap and sold to us everyday overpriced and inflated to all hell.

  4. stfu about quality damn eitha cop or save yo money. Complainin ain't gonna do shit cause dey gonna make em however dey want to y'all dudes sound like a broken record

  5. any body who talks bout quality jus sayin that cause their fuckin ass is too broke to buy em. suck a dyck. watch my reviews

  6. yeah FOH wit that quality bs. when its all said and done we cant take this shit with us when we die so either stack money, stack shoeboxes, or stack both. you only live once.

  7. just be happy that the shoe at least looks the freakin same and all the pieces are in the same place with the same colors


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