The Air Jordan 2012 came and done went as far as we know, with only a handful of colorways that released at the beginning of the year. Now things have started to move onto the next Air Jordan, that releases in 2013. Seen here is a small teaser that was released overseas a few days ago, giving us a small peek at a carbon fiber panel, perhaps from the next AJ? Unless you can read Chinese, the details on this upcoming AJ remain undisclosed still. Stay tuned for more information on the Air Jordan 2013 here on MN. via: Hupu


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  1. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like it’s a whole new direction compared to the 2012. Which is good, because most people did not like the release. I do have a pair and they are very light and comfortable. Peformance = great, style = not so much. Jordans signature needs to be groundbreaking in style and also function as a high-level basketball sneaker. Hopefully they get it right for 2013 and restore some dignity to the brand.


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