We know what you’re thinking, but you should’ve expected this with the $5 price raise on the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’. This Holiday season don’t expect to pay $160 or $180 for the Air Jordan 4 and the Air Jordan 11, as prices will be going up for both models. The Air Jordan 11 will be retailing at $200 and the Air Jordan 4 will be tagged at $180. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section. Thanks to TSG for the info

Air Jordan IV ‘Bred’
Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red

Air Jordan XI ‘Bred’
Black/Varsity Red-White

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  1. We’ve brought it upon ourselves with the hype and paying the reseller prices. Can’t be mad at Nike – they’re just opportunistically capitalizing on the culture that the consumers have built. With that said, THIS SUCKS.

    • Co-sign that! I’ve already cut down a lot this year. 1 pair and it’s may, that’s gotta be a record for me

  2. Isn’t it like 10 cents to make a pair of Jays.. Plus the price keeps going up but the quality of the sneaker is going down… SMH @ JORDAN

  3. I don’t mind the price increase on the 11’s …. but on some black friday 4’s fuck out of here that’s all the way dead

  4. i’m pissed i gotta pay it, but cdp 11s almost 700 at flight club, shit’s gettin ridiculous anyway

  5. This is getting ridiculous. If they are going to put out a quality product for $200 bucks I might cop, but if these look like the stuff that has been releasing lately I’m done.

  6. Just copped the canvas aj1s for 110 and it was worth it but didnt they go up last year 20 bucks? Hopefully this kills the hype killers and resellers

  7. I can’t do it, its hard enough to copp having a 2yr old. I miss out on a lot of things because of what the price is now, another 20 bucks and I’m out for good.

  8. na. fuck this. this was the last straw. Im now officially done with JB. 200 dollars for some plastic and pleather….smh.

  9. The Bred IV will be selling for $350 a week after RD; And the Bred XI will have the resellers asking over $400. Nike sees what hypes are paying the resellers, and Nike is coming for its money.

  10. this kills the reseller…that said…with increase prices..quality better be good ….for the 180 iv we should get nike air for that price. ..and patent leather 1996 style for the $200 price tag…as long as quality is 15X than cdp for the xi i guess i am cool with it but not cool at all jB!

  11. Instead of making the shoes cost more make more pairs of the shoes at the same price. Stop the fights and make more money at the same time.

  12. Terrible. I’m still upset about the 8am Saturday releases and now price increases too? Increase the quality of the product and the quantity. Let more sneakerheads and collectors get them during the original release and kill the after market. Resellers will be marking them up to crazy prices.

  13. if u like it , then.. start saving more money and buy it. if u dont, just leave it. easy.. I personally live in australia where a pair of lebron 9 elite can reach up to 300aud retail. which means 300++ usd. thats y make more money!! stay at school, work hard, ull get what u want!

  14. This won’t kill the reseller fools. This is only going to justify their charging $250-$350. If concords are selling for 300-400 what you think the breds will go for? Yep I’m done with Jordan period. I’m not paying an extra $65 for 23 year old technology just cause…you know…it’s 23. Jordan can find another reimbursement for bad investments.

  15. First they screw us West Coast customers with 5am online release times, then they start that stupid Twitter RSVP crap, and now the prices are going up. I’ve been looking for a reason to get out of the game and this is probably it. $200 for a low quality pair of 11s? They can keep them. I’ll spend my money on other things.

    • Thank you JB, I’ve been looking for a reason to stop buying your overpriced shoes and now I have it. All these posts of angry people but AJ will still fly off the shelves. Can’t be mad at them, following supply and demand.

  16. This is some bullshit. I knew last year they were gonna pull some shit like this. Just didn’t expect this drastic of a jump. As long as people don’t voice their complaints and keep on buying them, they’ll keep on hiking the price, plain and simple.

  17. it’s this for these specific release or what? if the prices are starting to increase for every model, im done, back to my sb game. lol.

  18. Word of advice. Instead of buying a new pair, buy a NDS or used pair of 2001’s. Those things are almost impossible to fuck up. After 2 wears the sole will probably fall off of these.

    • For the 4’s you’re stuck. Buy a pair of 99’s that are crumbling or CDP’s that are chipping. Got us by the balls on that one.

  19. The quality on Jordans isn’t as bad as people say it is, the playoff 12’s were good quality & from my understanding all 11’s have been good quality there’s no way the quality on the bred 11’s is gonna be bad. if you take care of your shoes quality shouldn’t be such a problem. people expecting too much like redskin fans do every year & get disappointed. & every one claim they got money soo 20 dollars extra shouldn’t be a problem 200 dollars can be saved up in 1 check for some people some people can save up for this in 2 checks. save your money 200 dollars isn’t a lot of money. & at the end of the day what sneakerhead can resist getting the bred 11’s. 218 no more than 220 will be the total price cause of tax.


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