Air Jordan 4 Military Sample (1)

With word of 4 original color ways of the Air Jordan 4 returning in 2012, a buzz has been created and is spreading like wild fire. One of those color ways releasing in 2012 will be the “Military” blue colorway. Read more after the Jump

The “Military” blue coloway of the Air Jordan 4 first released in the Summer of 1989 and then again in 2006. There was quite a bit of hype surrounding the 2006 release since it would be the first time many would have a chance of owning a pair. Those who missed them then, will now have a chance at them again and those that were able to purchase will be able to double up. With the release of the 2012 “Military” 4 so far away, you are sure to see and read about past releases, catalog pictures and samples such as the ones you see here. These “Military” Air Jordan 4 samples look almost identical to the version that released in 2006 with the exception of the back heel tab which is nubuck instead of plastic/rubber and a white¬†“Jumpman” thats stitched underneath the tab instead of a molded & painted one. Check out the pictures and then head over to poofyo101jumpmansneakers eBay auction for more information.

Air Jordan 4 Military Sample (2) Air Jordan 4 Military Sample (3) Air Jordan 4 Military Sample (4) Air Jordan 4 Military Sample (5) Air Jordan 4 Military Sample (6) a

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  1. lookin nice! but is there a reason that "air jordan" is writen upside down on the inside of the tongue? i know that on the AJ 5's its writen normally.

  2. its written upside down because back in the late 80's early 90's everyone was wearing their tongues folded over. So if you folded the IV tongue over you would see the "Air Jordan".

  3. I heard that it's written upside down because back in the day, people used to flip the tounge down, which meant that when you read it, it would read "Air Jordan" the correct way.


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