Jordan Brand gave us exactly what we wanted this year, with an OG style Box that packaged every Air Jordan 3 Retro release. and next year, They have something else up their sleeves that brings the OG back into the Air Jordan 4 series. The entire line up for the Air Jordan 4 will be released in the OG style packaging we’ve all prayed for, including the signature “Cement” speckle bottom box that released over 20 years ago. Here for the first time, is a look at the Air Jordan 4 Retro 2012 OG Box Packaging. Let us know what you think! Via Air Randy


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  1. Cement Box but no cement IV's (Tech Grey is what they're giving us)…..way to go JB that's a great idea smh

  2. Digging the box glad to see the 4's getting the same treatment and i agree that people need to chill about the grey but that means more pairs for me =D

  3. I want to know the official colorway, can't really rely on early releases, and its months away so anything can change. Why do idiots call it complainig, when your used to somethin being a certain way and they mess it up its only right to say somethin.

  4. I agree with these heads above. The change in grey is unfortunate but it's not the end of the world. I actually still think the "cement" 4s looks really clean. If you don't agree, don't cop. Simple as that..

  5. If they can change the box back, they most definitely can change the jumpman into the Nike Air on the back of the heel tab . If they did that I get every Jordan again

  6. im still coppin…ok jus a small change in da color…but 4 yall who kno bout da OG feelin u dont kno wat ur talkin bout..cements r nostalgic 2 many…so it is a big difference….hope da quality is better cuz for my taxes im payin 10% and $10 plus


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