The Air Jordan 4 “Tech Grey” was perhaps a teaser by Jordan Brand as it gave us high hopes believing it was the original Air Jordan 4 “Cement”, that re-released over 10 years ago. However, regardless of the change, Jordan connoisseurs are still looking forward to this Air Jordan 4 Retro due to it’s close similarity to the actual Air Jordan 4 Retro “Cement Grey”. The “Tech Grey” Air Jordan 4 releases on February 18th 2012 and here we have new photos you can check out. Via kickz

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  1. looking at these we better get the rumored oxy…i was going to pass on these anyways…with these pics..easy call. cant wait for breds! love that cw anyways!

  2. Material looks PISS POOR…..I'll never understand why JB will use relatively good material on some horse shit team shoe that's destined for Sales Rack Status, yet on the shoe they're gonna sell out of within seconds, they fuck everybody over with the worst quality material they can scrape together….

  3. I'm a young Sneaker Head, I started in January. Anybody knows a place where.I.can get some '99 Cements? I'm gonna get these anyway because this seems to be the biggest upset in shoe history, I still wanna atleast get the real thing though.

  4. Haha@ CHIITEEZY… and i quote "im a young Sneaker Head, I started in January"… Too funny.. get out while you can cuz you missed out on the golden era of shoooooes… 1985-1999 wha wha wha..

  5. SMFH!! Why cant they seem to get the cement color to match the 99's? They're the ones who make the shoes and they fucc em up!!! higher prices lesser quality.

  6. if this is there final production of what was suppose to the "cement 4s"then JB fucked up another classic. Leather looks like pleather, and tech grey? What the fuck is tech grey? Why cant they just copy the 99 4s to the exact quality and color? Shit startles me.

  7. All you fucks complaining abou quality..STFU seriously you want a high quality shoe go fucking buy some LV or something…My first reaction when I see a pair of kicks on someone isnt "DAMN the quality on those sucks"…its "damn those look good on feet" Seriously stop bitching. Times will never be like before…Be glad they brought it back. The grey ISNT that dark in person…these pics just have bad lighting.

  8. I think they aren't too bad as they do mimic th og's better plus cement 4's only got the name due to the 99 retro and I heard from some ppl and early coppers that the quality is fairly good and better than what they expected which is the reason for the price hike, some ppl even said the back cements had crappy quality which I agree, but had the price raise , but that price raise was basically paying for the box, so in 2012 there will significant increase in quality

  9. 10airflight they never copy the shoe exactly to keep each release "unique" in it's own way….JB's reps have stated that before, they'll always change something so that each version's distinct in a certain way.

    @Lee515, material quality counts, so stop it. Nobody's saying they want em made out of LV suitcase quality leather, but open your eyes and look at these….you can see how thin the upper material is…you can see how shitty the netting looks…the toebox shape's horrible, and some people don't like the darker grey (I like it better than the OG light grey)….because of the mostly white, thin upper, anybody with half a brain can tell these'll crease really badly with alot of wear and look like shit (as far as people who like that Box Fresh look all the time)….creases aren't an issue with softer leather since the entire shoe softens up and conforms to your foot but these are that same shit material they used on the Jordan 2 retros that only crease in gigantic straight lines across the toebox, which does look like shit….for people who are gonna gently glide a foot inside a DS pair just for a quick Twitter pic and then put em away, these are fine, but for anybody who's gonna wear em alot, they have every right to want a shoe that'll look good after alot of wear, and people aren't stupid….the early pics confirm what the educated buyers pray they're not gonna see, and that's the case here….dogshit materials once again from JB. Buy whatever you like for whatever reason because it's an individual thing, I'm just sayin'…….

  10. JB could make these with white cardboard and muhfuggas would still camp out for em. its just hype around certain shoes. JB doesn't care about giving their die-hard customers quality material because no matter what, if a shoe is surrounded by so much hype.. its gonna sell out.

  11. The funny thing is, people are comparing these to the '99 retro, when usually, everyone complains about quality and compares it to the original, which dropped in '89. Interesting how it's going right now…

  12. tokyomike and argyle…the hype beasts seem to be waking up a little bit though, sure some will always the stuff, but I really think more people are noticing the quality changes, and if they tell their friends etc then more and more will stop giving JB an reason to exploit with shit materials….I'm done with Jordans as far as new stuff, but I really think JB is cashing out and is desperate to keep older heads interested, just look at not only how much stuff they're dropping next year, but also which pairs (a few years ago I would have never said Chicago Xs would retro, let alone Altitude XIIIs (a shoe marketed as limited which basically means anything is up for grabs…DMPs, XQ Is etc something to think about)…..A LOT of people complain about quality when they don't know shit about the shoes and to me they do this because they either want to seem to know what's up or because they want to hide the fact they are HBs, so they identify with the older heads…….MN, since you influence the HBs so much along with all of the other main blogs why don't you do a story about how quality dropped and how Nike/ JB is taking advantage of the current market, then maybe the sheep will realize that JB really doesn't care about them for anything more than money and that they have been sold into a culture of hype….maybe if changes with the market occur (i doubt though, since there's always another HB in line and Jordans still seem to have that status symbol appeal or prestige (i have Jordans you don't, i'm cooler than you kinda thing)…then JB will realize that they cannot take advantage anymore…i really can't wait for JB to fall to be honest, I want to have Nike actually trying to make shoes that are innovative like they were in 90s, instead of just illusions of innovation (GIMMICKS), like they've been relying on since SHOX…..I have more info if you want it, get at me…peace

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