We’ve been on a roll here at Modern Notoriety, with the 3rd giveaway in 3 months! We first gave away a pair of Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, then a pair of Air Jordan 10 “Chicago”. Now it’s time for us to giveaway another anticipated colorway!

Rules are simple.

1. You must follow us
2. Click Here to Retweet and Enter

3. Like Us
You will be called upon once you’ve been chosen in the Lottery!

Winner will be sent an Email but you must subscribe to our mailing list



Good Luck!

PS. by doing all three, you triple your chances in winning!


  1. Hope they go to some kid who delivers papers or some shit like that for sneaker money, not some rich pisspot who's parents buy him/her everything….

  2. ^^^Agreed in my case broke college student scrapping up money for shoes…lls. I've been eating ramen noodles ever since I got back to campus just to save up for the foams


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