We have all heard the saying “are you living the high life?” from the popular Miller High Life commercials. These custom Air Jordan IV’s have nothing to do with Miller High Life, but instead are unique in their own way. This custom Air Jordan IV is actually a continuation of a previous shoe customized by SmoothTip. A pair of Nike Dunks were customized a while ago, that included a colorway of neon blue, green, orange and yellow. This Air Jordan IV custom is a little bit different however. They feature a gray cheetah print, lime green midsoles, black toes and baby blue netting. One of the more interesting details, is the black and red spikes graphic from the heel to the tongue. This unique colorway will sure grab attention and even break a few necks here and there while living the “high life”. via Paint or Thread


  1. these are dope i would rock these .. an i bet u everyone would wanna buy em .. if these come out they would rise as much as the galaxy foams did .. i need these !!!

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