Out of every single Air Jordan 5 in the series, the “Grape” goes down in history as the most rumored colorway to return. We’ve all heard about the Grape / Laney pack rumors that started a few years back, but we can finally look forward to this colorway releasing in May of next year. The Air Jordan 5 Grape will retail at $160 and will sport it’s original White – New Emerald – Grape – Ice Blue colorway. Let us know if you’ll be scooping these joints up next year! You can also Purchase them Now

Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’ Release Info
White / New Emerald – Grape – Ice Blue


  1. so next year is the year of the xiii, viii and v? for me personally sans the bred xiii looks like this is going to be take off year..the kobe line better be good or jb gives us the long awaited oxy or indiglo! 

    •  @Jonathan Broder JB will now go on ann.  next yr marking the 23rd for 5, 20th for 8, 15th for 13, 25th for 3, 27th for 1, an maybe 10th for 18, most likely no 6s, or 7s

      •  @LadariusSimonton  @Jonathan Broder Nah…the Maroon 6’s just got a confirmation of dropping next year. When? No one knows. Look at this: http://www.kicksonfire.com/2012/09/14/air-jordan-6-maroon-2013-release/

  2. All this heat and no word of Hare 7’s!  Damn J/b make a move so I can complete my collection of 7’s and be one step away from walking away for GOOD!


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