Did You know that the earlier baby models in the Air Jordan series came in tin cans? Available now on Ebay is the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” Baby Pair, that was released in 1989. The Pair comes in a tin can along with a set of original baby booties. If you’re into vintage sneakers and want to swag your little one out. Cop yours Here

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  1. For $350 though? C'mon son. I wouldn't even pay that for the hardbottom og's. How about I find a OG pair in the kids sizes with a crumbled sole and do a sole swap. Then I'd drop $350. All because this is an OG dosnt make it worth what the bin is. Gtfo.

  2. ^^^^^^ 350 is a good price for an og grape V because used retros with creases and scuffs go for 400 sometimes but for a baby og that's outrageous. but can you imagine if they retro those tin shoeboxes?

  3. You can find tons of kids/infant sized OG's in Tokyo…seen a few pairs of "Sky Jordans" infant J's in the old school locker boxes…none of em cost $350, not even close. Tin box is cool and all but nobody's that desperate.


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