Most of the retro’s that released in the CDP packs in 2008, were pretty much original colorways form the original Air Jordan line. However, there were some retro’s that were planned to release, that featured different color blocking and sole coloring like this Air Jordan 5 Retro “CDP” Sample. This Air Jordan 5 Retro features the OG colorway except it’s been given a red sole that replaces the release version’s Clear Sole. For some, This version would not have cut it but others wouldn’t mind seeing a new colorway that bears the OG upper. For those interested in Air Jordan Samples, This CDP Retro 5 sample is available now on Ebay. Buy Yours Now


  1. cool, but not worth anything between the lines of $1500.

    It's ridiculous how a few sellers think just because it says SAMPLE it's worth $1k+


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