We were all psyched when rumors about a Grape / Laney pack began to take over the message boards and blogs but to no surprise, the pack was another one of those misleading rumors that was later forgotten. However, let’s not forget that 2013 is the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan 5 and guess what colorway will be making its return? Yep, you guessed it, the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” will be making its long awaited 2nd retro debut sometime in the Summer quarter. It is not known how different this retro will look compared to the 2006 version so before we jump into conclusions, let us wait until the first sample photos begin to surface in the next few months. Let us know if you’ll be purchasing the Grape 5 next year.


  1. Had the og grape when I was 7 so if it looks the the same minus of course the Nike air on the back which really doesn't bother me but if every thing else is on point then am a copp a pair

  2. If Jordan would put the Nike Air signs on all of the retros that suppose to have it, 1-11, then I would cop all of them. This is my opinion on retros because I feel like the Jumpman logo is already relevant enough on the shoe and that extraness just takes away the shoe from being a full retro imo

  3. ^ the Nike Air stopped with the 6s. The 7s never has Nike Air. Anyway, watch them flip the grape and the turquoise like the flipped the midnight navy and the white with the Oly 6s.

  4. Oh you know they're gonna do something off the wall to piss you "sneakerheads" off! only time will tell. Midsole change, color too dark, or too light, or a very dark tinted blue sole.

  5. if anything Jordan Brand will try to make these with the same material from the Varsity Red 4s that recently released, they always reuse the same weak ass material…

  6. A friend/associate of mine who works in Charlotte with the Bobcats told me MJ and his team were considering making these an "International" only release next year like they did with the 2009 "True Blue" three's.

  7. I hear you fools complain about quality all the time but still go out and camp out to buy them. Funny thing is none of you know anything about "Quality" because if you did you'd know that the retro varsity red 4s material is actually great quality compared to the cardboard pair of cement 4s they released the leather is soft like it should be same with the military blues!

  8. i was to young to know about these back in 06. I remember last year regretting not getting the true blues. That's not happening again, I will do my best to get the grapes.

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