It’s been awhile since Jordan Brand dropped a double pack and this summer, we’ll be seeing the return of the box that houses two retro’s. The Air Jordan “Gold Medal” pack will consist of the Air Jordan 6 / Air Jordan 7, and will release in August to coincide with the Olympics. Today, we’ve finally gotten word on the SKU and Retail price. The Air Jordan 6 / 7 “Gold Medal” Pack will retail at $350 and will be one of the most limited packs this year. See price and release info after the jump! Thanks! Zach!

Air Jordan 6 / 7 “Gold Medal” Pack

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  • Wooh

    Smfh no way!

  • JT

    Absolutely a disgrace to the VI

  • TokyoMike

    $350 in a year where I'm saving alot of cash by not buying bullshit "those are ok" pairs, whatever….I need those 6's, and the 7's can get sold to a friend or worn as beaters….but I NEEEED the 6's….

  • TokyoMike

    And let's face it, the way resellers have been steadily bumping up their initial eBay prices, only to see them keep rising in alot of cases, these'll hit DMP status and beyond, at least as far as ASKING prices after they're all gone from retail spots….

  • JJ

    I don't know why everyone' keeps saying these will be DMP status. The black and gold VI is much harder than the white and gold and the VII doesn't hold a candle to the XI. Look at what happen when they released the Concords at Christmas. Not to mention

    You know the quality is going to be worse. Jaut my two cents. I'll be copping but wouldn't trade my DMP for them, that's for sure

  • Fresh_sice95

    SMH……not paying $350 for this pack. So many better releases comin out, I'm gonna save for the real olympic 6

  • thaGodfatha420

    the 7's look better than the 6's

  • OddYouth

    I'm getting these no matter what arises. Because I KNOW their going to sell quick, and resellers are going to have a ” field day” with these.

  • Qqqq

    so they won't come out in gs sizes smh no love for the ladies

  • Jovan

    Watch people bitch about the boosted price

  • Peter Bee

    2 things, 1st those 7's are look waaaay hotter than the 6's, and 2nd How limited will this pack be? Anybody?

  • breezy

    What about the sz 7.5 people

  • blue

    if they want to release a pack they need to do this

    jordan 4 columbia


    jordan 11 columbia

  • ant the og collectah

    These 6s are trash. The 7s look dope

  • racks on racks on ra

    pass on 7's

  • Dennis_516

    Dope hope I can cop my pack been looking forward to this since last year prob. gonna have to camp for awhile

  • LeezyAli


    .?? What Y'all Bugging Out About..?? That's Only $175 A Shoe..!!

    But I Still Wanna See A Real Pic Of These Shoes I'm Tired Of This Same Pic Floating Around..

  • no good

    At that price I hope its quality material

  • ant the og collectah

    6 looks like its discolored. horrible concept

  • DRH

    Damn, more than I expected (I expected $325). But anyways, I still TRY to cop. I know these will be super limited and probably be worse than the Concords (for TRUE sneakerheads). I wonder if they'll update for half sizes. If not, I'll opt to get an 11.

  • MrFlyJ

    $350!!! thats $175 each pair lol bump dat pass

  • Ruzzy


  • TokyoMike

    They'll hit DMP "Status" as far as price inflation, not as far as a direct shoe vs shoe which-one's-better type thing. 7's fucking blow IMO, in any colorway. I have NEVER liked 7's but I know I'll be able to offload those to get some of my cash back….the white with the gold on the 6's, I can't pass that up, I just hope they don't FIST FUCK things before release and change em to all patent or something that makes zero sense….

  • ohhyeaaitstim

    I am not familiar where these jordan packages are released at.. does anyone know where i can get them? i know house of hoops is a place for releases like those but any others? such as champs or footlocker?

  • DRH

    @ohhyeaaitistim I don't know because I have never heard of these or FNL, Champs, FootAction selling packs. Its a sneaker store called streeTgear that sold packs in the past. Idk..

  • Fury614

    They are so dope, both of them! As far as people complaining about the price the other packs were around $330, at ease with that broke mess!! I will have them!!! Oh yea, I coped my Hare 7's and 16 pack from Champs….

  • @tylerr20

    i always get frustrated when i see people complaing about prices. I live in canada, i just picked up the 10's this past saturday which cost me $199 plus 14% sales tax. ITS HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP!

  • Sneakerfeind


    Join the movement ppl

  • Panormia200



  • iGotARottenMind

    Wow, the cw on those 6s are about as bad as team jordans.