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With the Olympic games taking place this summer, Jordan Brand is bringing back two classic retro’s that have donned the ‘Olympic’ name since they’ve released. Already scheduled for this summer, is 1992’s Air Jordan 7 Olympic, and 2000’s Air Jordan 6+. Out of both Olympic classics returning, the highly anticipated Air Jordan 6 is the most looked forward, as we haven’t seen it retro unlike 2010’s Air Jordan 7 FTLOTG, that featured the same Olympic colorway. Check out the detailed images and let us know if you’ll be purchasing. For those interested, You can also Buy Them Here

Air Jordan 6 ‘Olympic’
White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red

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air-jordan-6-olympic-2012 (1)

air-jordan-6-olympic-2012 (4)

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  1. They look fake cuz there isn’t supposed to be blue on the midsole and the laces are supposed to be tube laces not the flat ones

  2. almost $500? vmvinc has them for $329 shipped, lol, which is proly where they were purchased.. i would definitely wait this one out

  3. quality is fucken weak
    blue tint soles are BARELY acceptable but i might throw in tha bag so i wont have to unds my 2002s..

  4. The ones back in 2000 had a kind of tumbled leather look to them. So this is how they should look. Except for that fucking midsole they changed. Change it back!!!


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