It’s been 10 years since the Air Jordan 7 “Charcoal” Retro’d and in 2012, the OG VII that released in 1992 comes back in it’s Original Black / Dark Charcoal – True Red colorway. This Air Jordan 7 along with the Air Jordan 6 “Olympic”, are two of the breaking colorways that are returning next year so stay tuned for more news on the upcoming retro’s in 2012.


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  • Who

    OMG MUST COP@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@!@

  • jayb

    love this shoe..actually like this better than the og that was in the 60+ pack. all jet black! very dope!!! i would love the frenchie as well. for a shoe that originally dropped in 1992 the tech is actually pretty good for these joints..very pumped for this release!

  • tonyhustlehb

    what's the diff. between these and Raptor 7's? or are they the same thing?

  • sean2324

    Im happy with my 02 joints

  • Coolestdrkard

    From my understanding they are the same thing.

  • Flocka James

    Damn JB goin' HAM!

  • donadamsky

    hope the retro is like the og's with the dark grey underlay. i dont really like the all black upper of the 2002 retros and the DMP pair was too light.

  • Jay15

    These people are so dumb, THESE WERE NEVER ALL BLACK!!!

  • Jay15

    Oh and I forgot how they changed the mold of 7s so NO COP!!!!

  • opkicksnlaces

    im copping.

  • swagger

    Jb is making up for all their mistakes

  • HeroAJ

    the Raptors are like black(looks like a faded black up close) while the Charcoals are more like a darkGray that looks like black lol very small difference :D but a must cop nonetheless


    Glad to have the Raptors from the DMP pack..

    nd' will be Picking these up..!(:



  • Alan

    instant cop but if jb makes them all suede like the 5's, im out

  • Ms Sneakerhead

    gotta add these to my 7's collection :)

  • Alexander Santos

    Hey oscarito, I thought these were nicknamed the Raptors. But either way I will be glad they are bringing these back, I sold them last year and regret selling. JB is making it easy for us man.

  • Marcus

    better have charcoal and not all black like pic…

  • karlyle

    omh yeessssssss!!!!!!!!! i wear the dmp raptor damn near everyday!!! my fav shoes.ima buy 5 pairs n shit!!!! lol best news of the year!!!!!!

  • Capo

    Why do sneaker sites keep showing this pic? These are the raptors not the charcoals !! LOL ! I hope JB does right by the shoe and stays true to the original

    @ Coolestdrkard they're not the same thing