Earlier this week, we announced the Air Jordan 6 / 7 “Olympic” pack that is scheduled to release next August along with the Air Jordan 4 Retro, Air Jordan 6 “Olympic” and the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”. Most of us didn’t expect for the Olympic 7 to release so soon due to 2010’s FTLOTG version but as Jordan Brand stated before, every new retro that might look the same, will have some significant difference. The Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” releases in August during the Olympic games in 2012.




  1. haha..nice. i missed out on ftlotg 7s..so im guessing the significant difference will be no ftlotg logo n a new sneaker box and an added $10 to the retail price

  2. Complete bullshit I just bought a pair of 04's now everyone and their mom will have them the sneaker game is dying

  3. Agreed, waaaaay too much reissuing going on. The companies are raping our wallets and taking a hobby/passion and turning into a compulsion and market oversaturation. We all love retros but , JB especially, needs to slow this ish down

  4. I'm sure glad to have a pair of DS 2004s. Like someone up top said, the sneaker game is dying. Watch, next year they will bring the black/cement IIIs back. I seriously am starting to hate you JB. signed: former loyal customer.

  5. it makes sense that the Olympic 6's will release again next year, it will be just in time for the 2012 summer Olympics in London, so team U.S.A. can wear them and represent the country in style

  6. you know what, Im glad they are coming back out. Im not spending $300 for them oly 7s. they should release the popular joints every 2-3 years. because unlike you deadstock idiots, i rock my sneakers. so fuck it, keep em coming

  7. So people who collect their shoes and keep em DS are idiots? Whatever, man. Fuck, I wish I could meet one of these name calling cunts and beat the gay out of 'em. Fuck you care what I do with my shoes?

  8. newjacks need to wait their time, as someone up there clearly stated, loyal customers are starting to hate jb and thats real, new sneaker companies have tons of styles, colorways, and options. with all these rereleases, its only a matter of time where jz will be played out like forces, and i like forces…

  9. These joints are gonna sit like the cardinals and the retro 9s when they got that august release awhile back because every shoe lover that has heat has this exact shoe in his/her collection FTLOTG or original. and can tell urbanmiracle is not a sneakerhead because no one wants to rock something that everyone and there mother has every 2-3 years. smh

  10. WHY DA FUK wud jb drop des….i mean i hav da ftlotg's not des….so i guess i cud wear both.jus on different foot…but still dey came out 1 year ago…….at least ake da two tone like a different shade of color or sumtin…WE ONLY NEED YALL 2 release da olypmic 6s…i doubt any of yall hav dos in DS condition

  11. SOme of you people people are ungrateful. THis is a great shoe and they look better and more OG without the FTLOTG logo. I praise JB for making this decision to Drop these again. Ebay prices for a 2004 pair were RAPE prices before this news dropped. THank God they release and again and Thank you too JB. Now just bring back WHite/Red Bugs Bunny VIII's again. SICK SICK shoe are Bugs Bunny VIII's.

  12. Well I thought they were only coming out with an olympic pack and olympic 6 and that's it. However, I missed out on the 04 version and the FTLOTG ones, so I'll get these def.

  13. i completely understand REAL sneakerheads opinions and dilemmas…this has happened to me several times…altitude and flint 13s and i bought thte FTLOTG 7s but i wore them actually and sold them so im not as mad….but as for my 13s which are both still deadstock i worked hard to get both of them when they released in '04 i believe but i mean release other colour shoes why do u go back to what worked….i am currently selling all my shoes out of fears that they will just release something ive saved up and drop something different…same thing with military 4s i dont care if they have some diff characteristic its the same fucking shoe


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