2007 was the last time we saw a good amount of Air Jordan 8 retro’s make their way into retailers and as we reach the 20th anniversary of the Three Peat, another year filled with Air Jordan 8’s will be upon us. We’ve already confirmed the “Playoffs”, Bugs Bunny and Aqua  for next summer, and now we’ve gotten word about another colorway that debuted 9 years ago. The Air Jordan 8 “Chrome” will be one of the colorways returning next year alongside the original line up from the 93′ era. Let us know if you’ll be copping these next year.


  1. Yesssssssssssss!  I tried to buy my boys DS pair at a reasonable price from him a month ago, yet he still continued to be a C%NT about it.  Now when these drop, his is gonna decrease in value and I’m gonna make an even lower offer for them.  Good Looks MJ/JB 

  2. i knew anniversaries wuz wut JB wuz gonna go on mostly im onli gon cop these n aquas only these bcuz they will not retro in yr of 8 like all otha OG colorway will n these r clean!!!

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