The Oregon Ducks aren’t the only ones with retros these days. The Oregon State University Beavers also had their share of the Air Jordan 9 in the OSU White / Orange and Black colors …



This summer’s Black Air Jordan 9 Oregon Ducks PE, was a major headliner throughout the blogs and Ebay soon after, as it became available through well connected individuals. Today we show you another Air Jordan 9, only this time it belongs to the Oregon State University Beavers.  The Air Jordan 9 Oregon State University Player Exclusive features a white leather upper, black midsole and an Orange themed pull tab, 0 and 23 on the back. A big thank you to sir Jack Edwards.

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  1. This request is nothing new: JB needs to give us Retros in ID so we can build what we want. I've been asking for this for years. I saw a glimmer of hope this year when they ID'd the 2011. We should be seeing something soon… But i'd bet it won't be available in any of the retros we want.

  2. Jack Edwards is a bitch and a mark, he stole this picture from someone and didn't ask permission, therefore he's violating copyright laws.


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