Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012

Cool Grey has always been one of the more popular colors in the Air Jordan series since the Air Jordan 11 in the early 2000’s. Since then, every other retro donning the “Cool Grey” color, has been favored by Jordan Heads like 2002’s Air Jordan 9 Retro. Although not an original colorway in the Air Jordan series, the Air Jordan 9 Retro “Cool Grey” became one of the most popular 9’s in the early 2000’s. A few weeks ago, we announced the return of the Air  Jordan 9 “Cool Grey” for this upcoming Holiday season and now we have a first look at this years version of the Retro. Let u know what you think of the Air Jordan 9 Retro “Cool Grey” 2012 Sample. Has it changed? Via US11




  1. Those look like shit compared to my 02s, I think the release pair will look better tho. I’m gonna cop just in case I get any cracking or sole sep

  2. The cool grey 11s released in 2000 not the mid 90s. But them 9s look just like the 02 version. Any complaints are just out of spite. I won’t cop cause I don’t like grey suede but these do look good.

  3. hmmmm… Ehhh…
    I’m just gonna buy the 2002’s instead. For some reason there’s something off about these.
    -sorry (i know ppl are about to tlk shit now)

    • FINALLY…someone who knows what they are talking about…these shits look like replicas you can see from the gate they look like GARBAGE. I still got mine from 2002 and they are clean as fuck. the patent leather is hella thin on these and the durabuck or whatever they are using looks like trash!!!!

      • actually yeah they have been.. yall so whack with that complaning shit! like why waste time ?.. yall come here just to complain ? …yall old ass “grown” men dont have anything better to do ?..

  4. They look mad funny!!
    i’ve seen ppl’s Chicago 10’s, Cement 4’s AFTER ONE WEAR!!! the shoe is basically destroyed..
    cheap ass quality!!!


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