The Air Jordan Cement III will release once again as a retro on January 22nd and with much anticipation behind the classic retro, Many might have opinions regarding the 2003 release and the soon to be released version. Both versions have many differences on beginning with the box, sole, toe box, back tab and more. After the Jump, We will show you how different the newer release is from the 2003 version.

Thanks Oscar Acuna for the Photos.

The 2011 version has a more tumbled look on the leather, elephant print panels are much smallerĀ  and the gray in the elephant print is darker.

The Sole Stars on the 2011 version are much detailed than the 2003 version. The Jordan inscription does not have a red fill-in as the 2003 version.

Due to age yellowing, it will be hard to come across a 2003 pair that looks like the 2011 version. The Milk white back tab on the 2011 cement III is much brighter than the previous release. The height of the elephant print has been shortened by just a few inches compared to the 2003 version.

The insole on the 2011 cement III seems to be brighter than the darker red 2003 insole.

Toe Box on the 2011 cement III is much slimmer than the 2003 version.

The 2011 cement III comes in the OG style Box and the 2003 was released in the ‘new age’ 2003 Box.

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