Ready for another exciting dual pack that consists of two iconic sneakers worn at two separate Olympic events by Ray Allen and Michael Jordan? Well you should be because a pack like this only comes ever so often. The Air Jordan “Gold Moments” Pack was a huge surprise to many – seeing that the last time we saw a box containing two pairs ,was back in 2010 with the ‘Infrared’ Pack. The concept of the “Gold Moments” Pack brings two classics worn by two legends in the NBA, Michael Jordan and Ray Allen. Jordan, Who’s presence was felt during the 1992 Dream Team Era, is payed homage with a Black and Gold Air Jordan 7 and Ray Allen, who made his Olympic debut in 2000, also gets a gold themed retro: the Air Jordan 6. The pack is set to release on August 18th 2012 at a retail price of $350 and comes with two dustbags for each retro, two shelves and one box. Let us know if you’ll be copping. Via Hk

Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack

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  • Prince Patrick II

    Am I the only one who's thinks the VI's would look so much cleaner with white laces?


      they come with wht laces as a alternate pair..the gold ones come on them and the wht comes in a bag

  • canarycny

    thats cool to know will only cop to resell smh at $350 tho

    • jclark


    • KT3o1

      smh. The highest ppl gon pay for these from a reseller is 700-800. So ur only making at the most a $100 profit. U might as well not buy them and get a real job!

      • MathCheck

        Not sure who taught you math but depending on your sales tax, lets say 9% that makes the pack $381.50 and you said $700 – $800, according to that it seems the minimum profit would be $318.50

      • DRIBBLEZ

        yo..smh?? if sumbody pays 800 they will be makin close to 400-450 dummy…they retail for 350