We’ll never really know the amount of samples Jordan Brand has created over the years but we can tell you that there was an Air Jordan III – Cement sample that featured a clear sole. Only a few samples of this pair were produced and no one really knows who’s hands their in now.

Would you have copped the Air Jordan III 3 Cement if it featured a clear sole?

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Via Joerdan23

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  • Daniel

    I think fat Joe has these??

  • Luke

    I wish they would have put that shit on them, then i would have saved myself $150 not buying a pair.

  • B to tha End

    I think FAT JOE has everything!?!?

  • Rick


  • rob

    i likem alot… i usually dont like when they mess with a great sneaker like this but the clear sole really gives it more detail n makes it more unique i def woulda copped if they released these

  • niketyson

    hit me up! asap

  • windsor

    the clear sole would just muck it up when it yellowed i think. but is everyone seeing the nike on the bottom??

  • Angel

    Krabby from St. Alfred Chicago has(or had) these

  • atl-sneakerkorean

    ice soles just doesnt do it for me on the IIIs