There’s no doubt that we will never see every sample JB has kept in the vault, but there definitely is a chance that we might see many of them drop in the future. JB has kept countless models from being released including colorways that might have vibed well with modern day ‘Jordan Heads’. Here we have a look at an Air Jordan 3 that shares a few similarities with the actual ‘True Blue’ III‘. This particular shoe has; Blue cement print instead of grey. Would you cop if they dropped? Let us know! Via Phase2

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  • sneaks

    I actually like these more than the og true blues, cuz i think the blue looks awful with the cement print, but this ties it in. niccee wud cop for sure

  • SneakHERdivaMOB

    I like the OG's better :-/

  • windsor

    i like the dark blue on the cracks but that baby blue just doesnt suit well. put something in a little darker or even flip it and and have light blue cracks on dark cement. thatd be dope

  • atl-sneakerkorean

    how about a dark blue with red crack? anyone? haha

  • prohop804

    These are off the chain, if the public could get these it would be like legalizing crack lol.

  • Prince Patrick II

    These are pretty dope imo .