Its only the beginning of 2011 and already the 2012 rumors are rolling in. The Air Jordan IV ‘Cement’ is rumored to be released in January of next year. Stick with Modern Notoriety for more news on this development. Via NT

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  1. Now the same person who confirmed the cool grey's around this time last year and the altitudes said this is possible but the military blues are posed to release too smh but at least we gettin these =]

    • 14's for sure but Cement IV's were rumored for 2008, 2009, 2010 LOL we gotta be sure fam. 14 for sure.

  2. Not gonna happen. I have connects at footlocker and jordan. They both hit me back saying they know nothing of it. Doubt me? Ok. Jordan is designing the team usa boxing apparel for the 2012 olympics. Lets see if your connect knows about that. Delete it if you want. Someone will read this.

  3. this is set for release over a year from now, the sneakers were probably not even put into production yet, so im not surprised that footlocker doesnt know shit, and why would jb, or anyone that works there, just wanna tell you if they are gunna release something? they would fire ure "connect" there in no time. And who gives a fuck about boxing apparel?

    Im pretty sure these will release, because its been almost 12 years, its about time a good colorway was re-released.


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