What happens when you add some Elephant Print, Black and a bit of that Tiffany Blue ? An Air Jordan 5 “Flip”. This all Elephant Print Air Jordan 5 might be one of the craziest released by Jordan Brand but since WE ARE in the 23rd anniversary of this retro, we had to expect a crazy colorway and here it is. The entire Air Jordan 5 sports an elephant print upper, tiffany accents finish with black laces. Let us know if you’re feeling these Air Jordan V’s! Expect a release around August!


Via Soleup


  1. Words fail me… this is a train wreck. I truly believe that Jordan Brand designers have lost their need to produce anything worthy. I think there is a dart board with different “shit on a stick” ideas as this and they just have the mail room intern take a blind fold shot at the board. 
    Suit 1: “Well what are we going to come up with to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of this shoe?”
    Suit 2: “Does it matter? These sheep will buy anything. Just slap a Jumpman logo on it and we are golden!”
    Suit 1: “Wait, how about some elephant print…”
    Suit 2: “Why not the WHOLE DAMN SHOE in elephant print??!! AM-I-RIGHT????”
    Suit 1: “BRILLIANT!”
    Suits 1 & 2: “Muwwhahahahahahah!!!”


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