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El Cappy hit headlines this past summer when he recreated the infamous Lebron 8 “South Beach” colorway and incorporated it into the Air Jordan VI. Then after, he used the Air Jordan 5 “Tokyo” colorway and added his own spin on the same Air Jordan VI retro. Now, El Cappy is back at it again with another Air Jordan 6, and this time he uses the colorway of the Air Jordan 3 “True Blue”. This custom displays a white upper, True Blue coloring on the midsole, cement graphics and red eyelets much like this past summer’s “True Blue” retro 3. Via El Cappy

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  • HeroAJ

    CementPrint on 6s??pretty nice yo

  • frank

    these look ugly af cement print dont work on nothing other than the III's

  • MIles

    These are SICK

  • jordan

    these are sooooo live omggg

  • best name ever

    ur gay frank, mmmmm them hoes are mighty fresh

  • Just Hoop

    The print on the shoe can have some more work on it, other than that, I like the back rubber piece of the shoe and the red lace holes. Great concept.

  • donadamsky

    damn, these are too fresh

  • DaMizzle

    I would like a little more blue but other than that they are sick

  • Prince Patrick II

    These are hella fresh!

  • Retro_87

    WOW!!! This is creative art at its finest!!! Crisp & clean.

  • cookieman

    they cool

  • Shoesupremist

    Dope like needles in my arm!!!!

  • BigBoii~Swagg

    dese raw af!!

  • GRANDhustle

    Frank must be visually or literally retarded. These are hot!! I would cop and the concept was done on my favorite shoe.

  • Justin

    who ever thinks these are nice in any way please follow these steps 1. find a gun 2. place gun barrel in mouth 3. pull trigger.

  • Trent

    obviously dudes that call ELEPHANT PRINT "cement print" are fucking retarded, & their opinion doesn't matter anyways. Go rock crocs ya dumbass's!

  • Ed

    Damn, I can't stop looking at these. It's not too complicated or too simple, it's just right. Huge props to the creator. These are amazing.

  • Amaniel

    Folks remeber its a custom! But at the same time look at the detail! If u put the 3z rite next to the 6z you,ll see eveything matches from the sole to the red eyelets , not to much blue not to much ele print looks just like the 3 but a 6 version! Fuckin mazin ! O yea forgot to mention im the ONLY cat that will appreciate-in these bad boys! Thanks E! Jb hire my dude!