The good people over at Finishline have reached out to us here at MN and blessed us with some extremely nice sneakers. One of their latest gifts towards us was the Nike Fingertrap Max featuring a black and 3M upper along with a massive air max unit in the heel(mad comfortable). We took these around the city over the past few days and came out with photos ranging from a timespan of the day; morning, afternoon, night. Comfort and quality is all there and the visual appeal of the actual fingertrap weave is stunning when the light smacks that 3M. These Fingertrap Max’s are currently available over at Finishline now so go do yourself a favor and snag a pair today.

_DSC0152 _DSC0142 _DSC0190 _DSC0210 _DSC0199 _DSC0223 _DSC0106 _DSC0126


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