asics-epirus-new colorways

Taking things back to the 80’s, Asics is obviously fully aware of the retro love that has been spreading like a venereal disease through the sneakerhead community, and to take advantage of take things a step further, they’re reviving a classic silhouette. The Gel Epirus hasn’t been seen in years, and these initial colorways are proof that it might be a strong comeback. Offered in Mustard and Light Blue, these are up for grabs now.

asics-epirus-new colorways_17 asics-epirus-new colorways_18 asics-epirus-new colorways_19 asics-epirus-new colorways_20 asics-epirus-new colorways_21 asics-epirus-new colorways_13 asics-epirus-new colorways_14 asics-epirus-new colorways_15 asics-epirus-new colorways_16 asics-epirus-new colorways_02  asics-epirus-new colorways_09 asics-epirus-new colorways_04 asics-epirus-new colorways_05 asics-epirus-new colorways_08 asics-epirus-new colorways_06 asics-epirus-new colorways_07

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