Trying to get a pair of Yeezy II’s in our size is hard enough and definitely impossible to lace your baby up in these Kanye kicks. Luckily, someone with some very skilled hands ( Theshoesurgeon) has been able to create a pair of baby sized Solar Red Yeezy II’s and guess what? they’re up for grabs on Ebay. For those who’d like to swag their kids out in some freshness, You Can Buy Them Now

nike-air-baby-yeezy-ii-2-solar_03_result nike-air-baby-yeezy-ii-2-solar_02_result



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  • bvsedjesus

    but theyre fake lol

    • Theill

      These are customs by the show surgeon, not fake

  • NTbangs

    They’re customs you idiot ^^^

  • Snagaroono

    Customs coulda looked way better though.

  • Mano

    Fuck tht

  • Ldaniel11741

    There are a lot of factories in China that could do the same thing. So just cause it was the Shoe Surgeon that did it, it means they’re not fakes? Stop it they are ape sh*t fake