BAIT has teamed up with everyone’s favorite unknown anime superhero, One Punch Man for a capsule collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The capsule comes with three graphics with the One Punch Man hero, Saitama in his signature yellow and red suit. These all come in either BAIT or One Punch Man branding and traditional Kanji typography. One of the shirts features Saitama on the front ready to punch his enemy away and Boros, leader of The Dark Matter Thieves, on the back. All of these prints come in both short and long sleeves with some being sported on crewnecks and hoodies. The collection also includes gym class type shirts with “Saitama Phys. Ed.” printed on them in two short-sleeve t-shirt colorways and a grey crewneck.

Take a look at the capsule below. The collection is available now on the BAIT website. The collection will also be available in store and at Comic-Con. Check with your local store for availability.


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