Bandai Japan debuted a new apparel division earlier this year based on the Japanese live-action series Kamen Rider called Henshin, named after the word that a Rider shouts as they are about to transform. The brand is now launching a collection based on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, which originally aired in later 2016 to 2017.

The premise of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid revolved around a trio of doctors who saved the lives of patients infected with a mutated computer virus called Bugster, using equipment inspired by retro video games. The collection is dressed in neon and fluorescent colors from the series, most notably on the pair of shoes inspired by the helmet of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2. The collection also features reversible apparel that highlights the conflict between Emu Hojo and Parado. This includes a medical coat, pants, and tees. Head of design for the collection is Daisuke Hashizume, the designer of Japanese label biscuithead.

The Henshin Kamen Rider Ex-Aid “Me Against Myself” collection is available to preorder now through October 11th on the Henshin by Kamen Rider website, with shipping scheduled for December 2021. Check out the collection in the images below.


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