Back in 2018, BAPE celebrated its 25th anniversary with ten life-size BABY MILO figures exhibited exclusively at the “BAPE XXV” event at Space Oh in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo. Each sculpture was designed by a different artist, the lineup including Sk8thing, Mankey, Stash, James Bond, Adam Lister, Michael Lau, Eric Haze, Shepard Fairey, Shinsuke Takizawa, and Tetsu Nishiyama. Now, BAPE links up with BAIT to bring back the BABY MILOs, only this time in collectible 8-inch form.

Each artist is given the sculpture as an open canvas to share their sentiments with the influential brand. Infamous New York graffiti artist Stash took the nostalgic route reminiscing about growing up tagging pristine public objects at the park. Meanwhile, graphic designer, MANKEY creates an abstract camo design, a key BAPE element, using a chrome finish. Other highlights include James Bond’s BABY MILO sporting a Jujitsu Gi and Shepard Fairey’s depiction of pollution bringing awareness to environmental issues.

The BAPE x BAIT BABY MILO 8-inch figures are set to release on May 14th at all BAPE flagship stores, retailing between $150 USD to $180 USD. The option to purchase the entire 10-piece collection is also available at $1499 USD. Check out each design below and stay tuned to BAPE’s Instagram for interviews with each artist involved in the project.

Sk8thing BABY MILO



James Bond BABY MILO

Adam Lister BABY MILO

Michael Lau BABY MILO


Shepard Fairey BABY MILO

Shinsuke Takizawa BABY MILO

Tetsu Nishiyama BABY MILO


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