Following artist collab releases with The Weeknd and Pusha T, BAPE teams up with reggaeton Latin sensation, J Balvin, on a new capsule collection. The two previously connected in 2019, when BAPE released apparel to help J Balvin celebrate his headlining performance at Lollapalooza.

In this collection, J Balvin get the Baby Milo cartoon treatment, complete with his neon green hair and full sleeve tattoos. The character is dressed in his smiley face logo tee with jeans and Bapestas on feet. Peeping right behind him in one of the designs is adorable Baby Milo. “J Balvin” is written under the graphic in bubble rainbow letters to signify his Arcoiris (rainbow) tour from last year.

Another rendition of the design shows the two characters next to each other in a praying motion, a pose J Balvin uses often, at the back of the tee. This tee comes in white and in an electric blue. A third design dresses BAPE’s APE HEAD logo in rainbow camo, featured on a white and a black tee.

The full collection will release at the BAPE Miami store on February 1st, followed by an online release on the US BAPE website on February 8th. The first 100 customers at the Miami store who purchase an item from this collection may be eligible to attend the J Balvin meet and greet. Those eligible will receive a wristband and will be invited back later in the day to meet J Balvin. Check out the complete collection below.


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