Day 8(?) of quarantine. Who will save us from this madness? Pingu will.

Before Happy Feet, the world’s most famous penguin was Pingu. The Pingu cartoon made its debut in Switzerland in the 80s and has become universally loved for its unique “Penguinese” language and stop-motion graphics. For this weekend’s BAPE drop, A Bathing Ape has revealed a new BAPE x PINGU Baby Milo apparel collection.

Pingu, an Emperor Penguin that lives in Antarctica, his sister Pinga, and their seal friend Robby get the Baby Milo treatment. One of the graphic tee designs features three Baby Milos, each wearing a costume of one of the three characters. Another design pays homage to Pingu In the City, a 3D computer-generated Japanese adaptation that began airing in 2017.

A special PINGU x BAPE Ape Head logo made up of different frames from the animated series adorns crewnecks and hoodies. A proper BAPE collection is not complete without the shark hoodie, which features black camo, a full-zip hood, and its standard shark motifs replaced by penguin ones.

The A BATHING APE x PINGU collection will release in adult and kids styles on Saturday, March 28th at select BAPE locations and BAPE.COM. Take a look at the various designs below.


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