Billionaire Boys Club is kicking off its seasons offerings for Winter 2021 with the introduction of its “HEART, MIND, BODY, EARTH” collection.

The collection revolves around the BB STARDUST jacket, BB VINTAGE ARCH hoodie, and the BB STARRY NIGHT coat. The STARDUST pays tribute to the 1950s Sukajan jacket. The coat is knee-length, double-breasted, and made from Melton wool, while the hoodie is 2-ply and sun-faded. Other pieces include jackets, pants, hats, and other apparel staples.

The campaign’s imagery is inspired by artist Nam June Paik. The East vs. West contrast in his work contributes to the collection and is a testament to his legacy in bringing video, technology, sculpture, and art together.

“HEART, MIND, BODY, EARTH” has been a mantra used by BBC since Spring 2019. “SEEK INNER PEACE” is the main theme throughout the capsule, focusing on the idea that mindfulness, meditation, and exercise all lead to a greater perception of reality. In the grand scheme of the universe, personal wellness has a lot more influence than you think and personal actions matter. Alan Watts, the philosopher, and his writings about interconnectedness and the universe are a source of inspiration for the collection’s ethos.

BBC Winter 2021 “HEART, MIND, BODY, EARTH” Delivery 1 is available now on the BBC ICECREAM website. You can also find it at the BBC ICECREAM NYC Flagship and pop-up in Miami.


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