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We’ve been eagerly awaiting these bad boys ever since we found out they did in fact exist, and Jordan Brand didn’t disappoint. The “Bel Air” V from Jordan Brand sees a new yet retro look for one of the most iconic sneakers of the time. Even making appearances on television, the V made quite a name for itself, and one show that rocked them in particular was “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, in which Will Smith can be seen kicking back in some outlandish 90’s outfits and a fresh pair of Grape V’s. Taking the look to the next level, the Bel Air V gets a makeover that is comprised of a solid grey upper that is ever so boldly accented in streaks of purple, blue, pink and a neon green of sorts, they type of thing you might have seen on your television around that time. Set atop what looks to be an icey sole, these killer J’s are going to cause a stir when they hit shelves, but like their “6 Rings” brethren, we have not yet received a release date, but relax, we’ll keep you updated via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bel Air Jordan V Photos After The Jump.

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Photos via: trustedkicks


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