Billionaire Boy Club is blending abstract expressionist art and streetwear with its Spring 2022 “Freedom of Expression” collection. While last season’s collection, “HEART, MIND, BODY, EARTH,” focused on gaining a better sense of reality, this collection aims to do the opposite by digging into the abstract dealings of the mind.

This collection features designs and patterns inspired by two visual artists known for breaking the norm. One is Jackson Pollock, a leading figure in the abstract expressionist movement with his “drip technique,” while the other is Sam Gilliam, a pioneering African-American artist known for his large-scale canvas installations hung from the ceiling. Pollock’s excessive drip technique is incorporated in fleece and denim pieces, while Gilliam’s abstract brush strokes appear on the fleece set and vacation shirt.

BBC also draws inspiration from the Japanese tradition of Bonsai, using a bonsai tree-themed camouflage pattern at the collection’s main all-over print. Materials featured in the collection include springtime-friendly Herringbone Twill (HBT) and patchwork denim, which are used to create workwear-inspired styles.

The first drop from the BBC Spring 2022 ‘Freedom of Expression’ collection will be available starting March 28th on the Billionaire Boys Club website and at select retailers.


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