new balance-1500-binary_03 new balance-1500-binary_02

Though this past year has been collab heavy, these 1 off joints just might take the cake, as it doesn’t get much more interesting than this. Built upon a 1500, Made in England frame is a slick grey and orange colorway that is killer on its own, but the binary code detailing on the tongue trumps the colorway, giving these a truly 1 off feel. Though we don’t know exactly what the binary says (probably a dig at Nike right?) these kicks are so hot we don’t care. If you’re ready to get into some serious NB collecting you can cop these now.

new balance-1500-binary_04 new balance-1500-binary new balance-1500-binary_06 new balance-1500-binary_05 new balance-1500-binary_09 new balance-1500-binary_11 new balance-1500-binary_07 new balance-1500-binary_08 new balance-1500-binary_10 new balance-1500-binary_12 new balance-1500-binary_13


  1. if you take each row and convert to decimal you get 49, 57, 56, 52. those values correspond to ASCII character codes for 1, 9, 8, 4, respectively. so perhaps 1984 is birth year of the creator of these 1-of-1s?


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