The Grape family is all set for expansion thanks to the Air Jordan 5 “Black Grape” joining its cousin and originator from the lighter end of the spectrum. The black version of the shoe offers a unique look thanks to the obvious darker shade but also with a suede upper, a stark contrast from the leather based white model. There is still no set release date for these but there a rumblings that there is a mid-summer quickstrike release in the works for them. Check out the full gallery listed below and let us know if these are a must have to pair up with the white versions also returning this year.

air-jordan-5-black-grape air-jordan-5-black-grape_02 air-jordan-5-black-grape_03 air-jordan-5-black-grape_04 air-jordan-5-black-grape_05 air-jordan-5-black-grape_06 air-jordan-5-black-grape_07

via SA


  1. I hope these are beat up, because that suede looks like 3 day old microwaved ass.   DO NOT fuck these up, JB.


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