black scale-ssur-ss14

Two streetwear mainstays have, like we so often see, tag teamed this latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and the end result is a splendid mixture of the two entities personal styles. Black Scale and SSUR have brought their black’d out, graphic’d up threads to a new level in this cross-branded affair, appropriately named “BLACKSSUR”. The wide-ranging collection sees T’s, shirts, hoodies, hats, pants and more, and is thankfully up for grabs now.

black scale-ssur-ss14_11 black scale-ssur-ss14_10 black scale-ssur-ss14_09 black scale-ssur-ss14_08 black scale-ssur-ss14_07 black scale-ssur-ss14_06 black scale-ssur-ss14_05 black scale-ssur-ss14_04 black scale-ssur-ss14_03 black scale-ssur-ss14_02


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