When entering into a small grocery store or convenient store, you usually don’t spend more than $20 at checkout. However, there is one “convenient” store in LA where you may spend more than $1000… On just 1 item: Bodega, the convenient store for any sneaker/fashion enthusiast. Modern Notoriety visited this hidden gem and chopped it up with store manager Mykhayla to get a little more insight on what Bodega is and what they are about….

What is Bodega? What does it represent?

Bodega is a safe space for starving artists. A community center, a place where we can make a difference, to reach out to other people.  Bodega is real life shit. Bodega cares about the details and leaving an impression on people. Its about supporting your local bodega or community market.

When was Bodega founded?

2006 in Boston, founded by 3 guys: Oliver, Dan, and Jay. They were all completely different, but they melded together. It started off as word of mouth, no advertisement. Then people started hearing about it throughout the city. It developed into that exclusive place, that place you always take somebody to if they visit Boston. That secret spot.

What is Bodega doing for the community/culture?

We just finished a shoe drive in Boston, with an organization called the Kickback ran by Jamal Burger, a photographer from Toronto. He gets shoes that are lightly worn or brand new, heat, then he gives it to kids. People come to bodega to get 20% off their purchase if they bring in a pair of shoes. Those shoes go to a kid in the community. Aside from that, we wanted to show kids they can do things with their art, not crazy shit in the streets to get these shoes. We did paintings, music, sports, and photography, taught some kids how to do product shots. We want to continue that relationship with the kids. We are doing the same thing here in LA in February.  

Why do people go to Bodega vs other boutiques?

Definitely the customer experience. The entrance, its already really hard to find. You might get irritated if you can’t find the store but once you finally find it, its cool. People come to Bodego because of entry and they stay because everyone is really nice. We want to talk to you. we want you to come back, we have a couch and ping pong table to hangout, we want you to feel at home. We remember faces and what shoes you bought and let the customers know we care about who you are. The number one thing I train employees on is customer service. Building genuine relationships w/ customers, people will come in just to say hi. If you want to come and see us we will welcome you with open arms. 

What’s in the future for Bodega?

We are moving in a even more innovative direction. Next year will be one of Bodega’s best years yet. 


Bodega Los Angeles
1320 E. Seventh St. Suite 150 @ The ROW
Los Angeles, CA 90069
United States


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