Bodega is following the release of its New Balance 574 Legacy project with a collaboration with Salomon on the X-Mission 4 Suede.

For this project, Bodega showcases one of Salomon’s premier everyday sneakers in a new light. Nylon ripstop uppers come with a ‘stormy sky’ tie-dye treatment, with each pair featuring a unique 1-of-1 pattern. This is paired with rugged black suede overlays, pops of yellow, pink, and blue-green, and reflective 3M hits. Inspiration for the design comes from phenomenons of color found in the most unexpected of places, such as how light reflects on the tapetum lucidum layer of tissue on cats’ eyes.

The Bodega x Salomon X-Mission 4 Suede “Full Bleed” drops on July 29th at 12pm ET on the Bodega website. Check out the pair below.

Bodega x Salomon X-Mission 4 Suede “Full Bleed”
Color: Black
Style Code: L41714500
Release Date: July 29, 2022
Price: $160 USD


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