reebok-classic leather lux-bodega-usbdga

Reebok has beaten the dead horse to the point that it’s come back to life, as just when you thought Reebok had jumped the shark, this pair of “U.S.B.D.G.A” themed kicks sprung up, and they just happen to be in collab with the collab kings over at Bodega. This is far from the first time the Boston based Bodega has made an amazing colorway, but this might be one of the most interesting. An all-over desert camo upper gets bold punches of mustard yellow and rough brown via two large swaths of suede. These Lux’s get a nice contrast from the blue popping out of the lining, and the “Killer Bee Stingers, “Bodega Stingers” and “Don’t Get Stung” slogans throughout make for a lot of interesting points. There’s not too long of a wait for these stunners, you can cop them October 19th.

reebok-classic leather lux-bodega-usbdga_02 reebok-classic leather lux-bodega-usbdga_03 reebok-classic leather lux-bodega-usbdga_04


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