Boston based sneaker shop Bodega has officially partnered with Saucony to create an Elite line for 2013. The initiative fuses both of the brands in an effort to mix and match styles to create fresh new looks. To get things started, Bodega showed off 4 upcoming pairs, 2 versions set to drop in February and 2 slated for an April release. The 4 pack consists of the G9 Control, the G9 Shadow 5, and two versions of the G9 Shadow 6. The styles are set to feature a myriad of materials and broad color ranges, as well as unique prints like animal skins and camouflage. Check back in for more photos in the future as well as concrete release details.

bodega-x-saucony-2013-preview-04-570x845 bodega-x-saucony-2013-preview-01-570x843 bodega-x-saucony-2013-preview-03-570x835 bodega-x-saucony-2013-preview-02-570x840


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