With signature athletes including Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith, and Desean Jackson, Brandblack is just getting started on their venture to compete in the lifestyle/performance wear industry. Their latest Strangebattlefields collection takes inspiration from the military and incorporates their own, futuristic twist. The collection features compression tights, athletic shorts, and avant-garde tops. 3M hits, TPU dipped lace tips, and sealed seams are a few details that Brandblack has provided in their latest collection that looks great when training or on the streets. The BrandBlack Force Vector in Vachetta Italian Leather is another recent release that adds to their family tree of basketball sneakers and the quality is top-notch. The shoe utilizes the same Force Vector technology featured in the JCrossover III and is also featured in white and black leather uppers.

Featured Below

Force Vector Leather- Natural

Yumi T-Shirt

Compression Tight

R.Y.F.L. Run Things Short

Dual Fusion Sith Hood

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Images via Vince Sirico

Model: Mike Cervantes


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