Who wears a pair of the Nike Mag 2011 at Baseball Practice? San Francisco Giant, Brian Wilson. It would be epic to see him wear these during tonight’s game against the Colorado Rockies. Would you rock a pair for practice?

You can still bid on a pair of the Nike Mag Here


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  1. i hope thts the only place hes worn them,in the dugOut :| cus it wud be mad stupid2walk around in these just yet…i wud wear them out,jus not yet personally.maybe like after the biddin ends…lol these look soo fly on the feet tho

  2. Brian Wilson can put spikes on it if he wants to. The man bought two pairs. And I'm sure Nike would give him another. He's sponsored and as soon as Nike heard he had bought them they flew out a pair to him. He's one of the few people to be able to get them early and I for one am jealous.


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