Cactus Plant Flea Market, the street fashion label of Cynthia Lu, is known for its playful yet unusual graphics and motifs. CPFM is now launching its “Christmas Collection,” consisting of two playful and unusual products, a weed-themed jacket and a Christmas “stocking.”

While the main plant associated with Christmas is the Christmas tree, CPFM chooses marijuana as the inspiration for its Christmas jacket. Various weed-themed motifs are embroidered throughout the piece, including the word “Doobie,” a marijuana leaf with red eyes over the slogan “Over 1 Billion Stoned” (referencing a similar McDonalds’ slogan), and a joint with the words “Legalize It” on it. The best one, however, is the embroidery on the back of the jacket, a person smoking a joint that connects to a weed plant in the stomach area, further connecting to a CPFM smiley logo in the brain.

The “stocking” is made of an ordinary sock, an article of clothing that appears in many CPFM designs (see the recent Human Made x CPFM collection), with a santa hat-wearing CPFM buddy attached to it.

The Cactus Plant Flea Market “Christmas Collection” will be available online on Saturday, December 12th 11am Japan Time (Friday, December 11th 9pm EST), via the Human Made and CPFM websites. Jacket price is ¥94,800 (~$908 USD) and the stocking price is ¥6,000 (~$57 USD).


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